What’s News

Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers. (With less Herald than usual, due to their shiny new site not loading.) papers_9_4.jpg

Get out and vote: Heads up, Fifth District! You’ve got a primary in your neighborhood today to narrow down the candidates to replace Congressman Marty Meehan. (You can read our interview with Niki Tsongas if that helps make up your mind.) [Globe]

Not a great start to the short week: Robert Coughlin, Deval Patrick’s former employee and new president of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council is not only facing an ethics charge, but also criticism from council members and the founder for the organization’s heavy lobbying and high turnover rate. [Globe]

Still fighting it: The families of several 9/11 victims blame Massport and American Airlines for lax security that allowed the planes there relatives were on to be hijacked. [Herald]

Watch out, Eastie: Three women reported assaults in the early hours of Monday morning. Luckily, all three women managed to fight off their attacker. [Globe]