Hooray for Democracy!

Last week, Jon Keller wrote about the phenomenon of people practically trampling one another to support Niki Tsongas for Marty Meehan’s 5th district congressional seat, without knowing anything about her beyond her last name. Tsongas won the Democratic primary last night by a decent enough margin, and in its coverage, the Globe picked up where Keller left off.

Of nearly two dozen voters interviewed by the Globe, few cited any overriding issue that drove them to the polls.

Several apologized for their limited knowledge about the race, saying they took advice from friends or relied on the signs they pass on their daily commute.

“I don’t know,” said one man who voted for Tsongas in Concord. “I’ve seen more of her signs than the others.”

Jesus, folks, if you’re going to take the time to vote, and the energy to be embarassed of not knowing a whit why you’re voting the way you’re voting, you may as well spend 15 minutes at least attempting to impersonate an informed voter. After this victory, Tsongas will likely be better served avoiding any discussion of pressing issues, and merely taking the dais and repeating “Tsongas, Tsongas, Tsongas…” as droves of her entranced supporters whip themselves up into a state of thrashing, empty-headed democratic ecstasy.

Of course, the same effect may be achieved by taking the dais and repeating “Bush, Bush, Bush…” which appears to be her plan going forward.

“‘This is just round one,’ Tsongas said at a ballroom at the Doubletree Riverfront Hotel in Lowell. ‘Make no mistake, this election will be a referendum on the presidency of George Bush.'”