Questions For. . . Todd Galloway

fafarazzi.jpgIf your eyes immediately begin to roll as soon as your coworkers start prattling about the office fantasy football league, you are not alone. Some people just don’t like fantasy sports. Others like the idea, but not the subject matter. Luckily for them, is here to change conversation from Peyton to Paris. Instead of jocks, you get celebrities on your fantasy roster. We spoke with Todd Galloway,’s founder, about how it works and what celebrity behavior will put you in first place.

How does the site work?
We track celebrity blogs and entertainment news sites, and whenever a celebrity gets a mention in an outlet, they get a point. So if a celebrity goes out to dinner, you might get one or two points. If a celebrity goes to rehab, almost every blog will cover it so you’ll get more points. You can play in a league or join a league, and you have a team of ten celebrities. A season is three weeks, and the winner is the person with the most points.

Whose idea was Fafarazzi?
It was an idea that my sister Megan and I had. It was the clashing of my buddies and I playing fantasy football and her friends reading gossip blogs all day, so we thought we’d toss it all together and it would be fun.

What news gets celebrities the most points?
Certainly big things like prison, rehab, and pregnancies. Weddings are also huge because they go on for a long time. The Eva Longoria wedding was a good example– that was talked about before the wedding, the wedding itself was huge, and the press even covered the honeymoon.

Babies are also popular. People in the forums will cheer for women to have their babies. It’s the Murphy’s Law of Fafarazzi—as soon as your season is over or you trade her, a celebrity will have her baby.

Are there any hot Boston-related celebrities right now?
Boston-related? Bridget Moynahan was huge when she had the baby. Matt Damon was pretty popular when the Bourne Ultimatum came out, but he’s dropped off since. Ben Affleck has been quiet too, since there’s not much going on with him and Jennifer Garner.

Do you have plans to launch a similar site with another subject? Maybe the 2008 elections?
We actually just launched Dirt Locker, which follows sports media in the same way Fafarazzi follows celebrity gossip. Tom Brady is a big scorer there, as are Michael Vick and Barry Bonds. It’s everything that goes on off the field.