Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

t_ice_cream_charlie.jpgLast week Mitt Romney has a worse week than you, this week it’s the MBTA: Our hapless public transit authority has faced a Green Line crash, a bus slamming into a wall, and a ferry breakdown, and the week’s not even over yet. Don’t be glum, guys, have some ice cream. [Universal Hub, Bostonist,]

If that weren’t enough, the Legislature is getting uppity: Two Republicans on Beacon Hill want to create a commuter bill of rights to keep tolls and taxes down and combine MBTA Police with State Police. Yeah, we already have one of those, and it hasn’t helped our commute too much. []

Almost settled: Several companies being sued by the relatives of those who died in the Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island are nearing a $13.5 million settlement. The only thing the families are waiting on is the court appointment of a special master to distribute the money. [WBZ]

Are we all crazy? The Canadians seem to think so. probes the psyche of Red Sox fans, and finds madness within. Hard to take such criticism from people who eat mayonnaise on French Fries. [ via Surviving Grady]

Reach out and text faith: The Swedenborgian Church in Beacon Hill was searched for bombs after the president of the church received a text message that read “sticks will explode.” []