Townie Town Hall

Not every item of note can make it into Boston’s big dailies. We scoured the local papers to keep you up-to-date.

cake.jpgWe like cake too, but this seems extreme: Two teenagers are facing assault charges after their mother called the cops on them when they got into a fight over a cake. Maybe there’s more to the story, but wouldn’t it be easier (and less felonious) to buy another cake? [South End News, second item]

If this is your biggest problem, life isn’t too bad: Residents of the 1900 block of Beacon Street in Brookline are outraged that cabbies use the area as an impromptu cab stand, calling the area “the stepchild of Brookline” and that they feel like “second-class citizen[s].” Because without the cabs, the beauty of Cleveland Circle is so stunning, with the BC kids hauling racks of Bud Lite back to campus after gorging themselves at the Eagle Deli set against the gorgeous backdrop of homeless guys sleeping in the doorway of the old CVS. [Brookline Tab]

Decisions, decisions: Activists protested outside the Market Basket in Somerville last week to convince the store to not stock meats from a company that abuses illegal immigrants. We wish our morals were so strong, but we love the cheap food and gritty ambiance of the Basket. [Somerville Journal]

I ain’t sayin’ she’s a phone stealer: If you meet a cute woman in Cambridge, gentlemen, watch your phones. There’s a woman on the prowl who takes your phone to enter her number and then steals it. [Cambridge Chronicle]