Sort of Breaking News: T Down, Back Up

BD_mbta.jpgWe got word from a friend this afternoon that the T experienced a “power outage across their entire transit system.” We had visions of a nightmare commute dancing through our heads. Luckily, it’s clearing up now.

According to ever-helpful MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo, a preliminary investigation revealed that there was a power surge this afternoon that affected multiple circuit breakers and MBTA communication, resulting in T service being temporarily suspended.

Pesaturao also said that the Green, Blue, and Orange lines were back up and running relatively quickly (a fact confirmed by ace Boston Daily correspondent Brittany Jasnoff who ventured down to Symphony), while the Red line took a bit longer, but as of 3:45 p.m. all power had been restored.

Pesaturo did say there could be residual delays while everything gets back up to full speed.