Talk of the Town: I Heart Candy Apples

(Style editor Alyssa Giacobbe takes you around town, from the hottest parties to the grandest galas)

While Rachel Baker relived all those weekends she spent watching Party of Five reruns in her BU dorm, I manned the party scene here in town with three events in two days. First, there was the cocktail party at Louis that I’m not supposed to talk about; will just say thanks to my hostesses for helping make the drive to Natick for the Nordstrom grand opening gala later that night a little more bearable (Officer! I’m on assignment!). Nordstrom was gorgeous, as far as department stores go.

The beauty department, for which the Seattle chain is famously known — was outstanding: Jo Malone, Chanel, Trish McEvoy. I got a little lost in the shoe department (it was that big).

Clothing wise, the selection was good, if surprisingly sparse–a little Marc Jacobs, a little Chloe–but when my date, contributing stylist Sybylla Smith, asked a sales gal where the Vera Wang was (Syb loves Wang) the poor girl hadn’t heard of her. Like, ever.

Syb took that as a No, We’re not carrying Vera at this particular Nordstrom, which seems to me a safe assumption. But the Nordstrom people went all out: Proceeds from the party benefited the MFA and Boston Ballet, and the champagne and buffet were sufficiently classy (lobster rolls, candy apple bar – really! It was pretty fantastic. Though not really one of those foods you should be eating in public, at least not when there are cameras around).

Last night’s trip back to Natick for the Natick Collection opening bash–truly, a bash — was just a cameo for me, but time enough to spot Stil’s Betty Riaz (and a very cute Britt Sisseck dress I’ll be going back to purchase). In a few hours, I’ll be in New York for Fashion Week (Rachel, if you’re reading: I arrive at 6, can you pick me up? Thanks.), viewing the Spring 2008 runway shows for Michael Kors, Temperley, Brian Reyes, DvF, breakfasting with Zac Posen, and more… Check back Monday for reports from the weekend.