The Week that Was

BD_grass.jpgChronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Summer hours are officially over edition).

Oh Gisele, you crazy wack-job you: Not understanding the ex and current girlfriend boundaries, G-Bud sends a present to Bridget.

The facts on Not really as salacious as the Dems would have you believe. Enjoy the PowerPoints!

The Pink Hat Chronicles: Parts I and II.

Rachel Baker at Fashion Week: The only person who could work LiLo, Gavin Rosdale, and Party of Five into the same post.

The kids are all right: And they’re helping the Red Sox stay on top of the A.L. East. But we knew them way back when.

Sept. 1 is over: But we still get nightmares.

The Herald has a new website: And it’s not bad. In fact it’s even pretty good.

Not to be outdone, the Globe unveils a new front page: And it’s not too bad either.

For people who like fantasy sports, and read US Weekly: We talked to the operators of Fafarazzi.

Ganja! Got ganja for sale!: Budding entrepreneurs quite possibly dumbest alleged drug dealers ever.

The H.C. of the Pats and the doofus running the Vikings may have a nice little feud going: Our money is on the H.C.

Speaking of the Pats: We’ve got a preview.

Globe columnist not understanding street signs: Herald columnist not understanding bad jokes.