Dispatches from Fashion Week: Michael Kors, DvF, the VMAs

(Our own Alyssa Giacobbe is in New York for Fashion Week and keeping a running account of the proceedings for Boston Daily)

Waiting for the show to start at Michael Kors was like waiting for the fourth season of Project Runway. Just when you think it’s just not happening, in rushes Jessica Simpson, all extensions and too tight silver dress, taking the seat next to MK’s mom. Shouldn’t she be in Vegas for the VMAs? Until later, when I watched the VMAs. Jess may be smarter than she looks. Britney–poor Brit– is not.

But maybe neither am I: I skipped the “star-studded” DVF dinner (the show was earlier, a spectacular assemblage of breezy caftans and dresses, straw hats, and Ellen Barkin, wearing my next haircut) in favor of two-plus hours of bad lip synching and low production value. Except Chris Brown, who didn’t actually sing, either, but rocks anyway.