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stealing.jpgBeen caught stealing: Somebody broke into Mitt Romney’s campaign headquarters in the North End and stole eight laptops and a 32-inch television. While no files were taken, we’re still hoping for something salacious to come out of this. Perhaps a Rogaine package from the men’s room? []

Perhaps he had to prove his masculinity because his name ends in “i”? Henri Hendricks, a quarterback at the University of New Hampshire faces murder charges in California for allegedly beating a pro surfer to death. Hendricks’ lawyer says he had nothing to do with the beatings. [WBZ]

Not even due to partying: A house near Stonehill College in Easton exploded this morning, injuring two gas workers and four students. The roommates who weren’t home at the time are probably very happy to have early classes now. [WCVB]

You’d think he knew that crime doesn’t pay (unless you get construction details): Carlos Pizarro, an officer with the Boston Police Department who made an agreement with undercover cops in Miami to protect a cocaine shipment in Massachusetts will plead guilty to drug charges. [WBZ]