Hitting the Road With the Fenway Sports Group

fsg.jpgThe Boston Globe is at it again. The paper is coming very close to advertising for the Fenway Sports Group in its editorial content. This time, the Globe writes about another travel option from the group. But, hey, at least the “news” isn’t on A-1 this time.

Rather, it’s in the Business section. FSG’s new venture is aimed at fans of the BC Eagles, and it’s modeled after the travel package the group has for Red Sox games.

. . .Fenway Sports plans to apply the same business model to Boston College football: It will charter a 200-seat Boeing 757 jet to fly Eagles fans from Hanscom Field to games versus Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and Clemson this season. Along the way, they’ll be given Boston College jerseys and other team paraphernalia, be treated to private tailgating, and sit in premium seats at opponents’ stadiums.

That’s not a bad idea. The notoriously travel-averse BC fans could stand to have some representatives in the crowd at away games. But how many people can shell out the. . . hey, how much does the package cost, anyway?

Fans can choose to travel to the Oct. 13 game at Notre Dame and either the Oct. 25 game against Virginia Tech or the Nov. 17 matchup with Clemson for $2,700 per person. Fans who want to attend one game instead of two could pay $1,100.

Short of writing “good seats still available,” this is walking a pretty fine line, since the Globe shares a corporate overlord with FSG, and once again, the usual disclaimer.

The New York Times Co., which owns The Boston Globe, holds a 17 percent stake in the company that owns the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group.

Keith Reed has had a busy day on the FSG beat. He also wrote a piece describing FSG’s interest in buying the New Hampshire International Speedway, which hosts two NASCAR races each year, which ought to be good for the New York Times Co, which owns the Boston Globe, etc. etc. etc.

Update: Dan Kennedy is on it as well.