Police Blotter Fun

As a public service, we recap the droll commentary and surprisingly stupid criminals that make the crime reports required reading.

NWA_1.jpgIt seems the college students still haven’t learned how to behave, despite our educational series on the subject. The police blotters have recently featured the hi-jinks of Boston’s young residents and the kids just seem to be getting dumber.

Of course, there’s the harrowing tale of the Northeastern students who advertised from their window that they had pot for sale. But the fun doesn’t end there.

The BPD blotter sets the scene with the understatement of the year:

Officers were assigned to patrol the area of Gardner St. in the Brighton area due to numerous resident complaints about public drinking and disorder in the area.

Do people other than BU students live on Gardner Street in Brighton? If so, they should sue their realtors immediately, because anyone who’s been in Boston for more than a month knows that area of Brighton is the BU playpen.

The bike cops on patrol found a group of young people walking down the street “yelling and swearing.” The cops issued a warning, but the kids continued to be so loud that people came out of their houses to see what the noise was about. The BPD wraps it up nicely:

The suspects observed officers and continued their loud banter talking loudly amongst themselves stating “ !#$@! the cops! We’ll &*%?! them up!” The suspects continued in this loud manner despite the presence of the officers and in full view of numerous individuals whose attentions were drawn to the suspects.

Pay attention, Boston. First there was Ghandi, then Malcom X, then N.W.A, and now there is Stephan Ott, Sean Dunn, James Mayo, Jeremy Levesque, and Theodore Engel to make bold political statements about police repression. To the bike cops.

On Saturday, Boston police made a trip to Strathmore Road in Cleveland Circle at 9 p.m. for loud music. Boston’s finest warned the man who rents the apartment to keep it down or else they’d come and break his party up. Of course, the man immediately turned down his music and told his guests to be quiet.

No, not really:

At 11:07pm, officers were dispatched to 110 Strathmore Street for a loud party. . . . After several minutes and unknown female was heard yelling to guest to keep quiet and turn the music off. The unknown female began to unlock the door, however several male voices were heard yelling at her not to open the door. Once inside the suspect approached officers in an aggressive manner and forcefully attempted to push the officer back into the hallway.

The fact that the cops didn’t break up the party the first time they stopped by is amazing enough. Usually, they don’t want to come back and tell you to break it up. But when they return, give up the ghost. You politely tell the officer you’ll end the party, and shuttle your friends to the nearest bar to end the evening there. Assaulting a cop is not going to help.

Students and locals can get along if we each make some concessions. Us old folks, and by old we mean “legal drinking age” will tolerate an occasional end-of-semester party if you give us a heads-up, if you think beyond your own little world and turn the music down, and if you realize that neither the cops nor your neighbors want to hear your opinion on law enforcement. That is all.