First it was Crocs, Now It’s Skanks of Boston

skank.jpgIt’s been a hard couple of months for Boston’s fashionistas and the Globe’s fashion cred. First, the Globe-sponsored Boston Fashion Week was scheduled for the same week as New York Fashion Week, thus eliminating any possibility we’d see any celebrities checking out local designers (unless Britney Spears got so drunk that she missed her Acela stop and wound up here). Now, the Globe’s newest endeavor, a free fashion monthly called Lola, is being picked apart on Gawker.

From the post:

I’m sorry, but Lola is A WHORE’S NAME. Your magazine is for whores! Why not just name it “Showgirls” and be done with it? Or maybe “Skanks of Boston”?

Whoa. That’s a different vibe than the press release’s:

Designed for Boston women in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, “Lola” will be full of locally relevant information with a lively mix of the practical and the impulsive.

Now we’ve got to listen to smug New Yorkers say that we’re a bunch of L.L. Bean catalog models without any sense of style.

A commenter says:

The circulation for this can only be on par with how well-attended Boston Fashion Week was.


Here’s another burn:

It’s just going to be continuous photo spreads of a woman named Donna (pronounced Dawner) wearing various Red Sox windbreakers and smoking Newports. There she’ll be at the South Street Diner, eating eggs. . . .

This is so depressing. Maybe you should come visit us sometime, New Yorkers. Between pointing and laughing at the locals, you can shop at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, or the cool boutiques on Newbury Street, or venture out to the Natick Collection. We promise that we work our Sox caps (not pink, please) with our couture.