Ground Roundup

BD_burger.jpgFood editor Amy Traverso handles all our culinary news and views for Boston Daily. Her own space is coming soon…

I’ve just moved back to Boston after spending the past two-plus years in San Francisco. So it could be argued that I’m looking at the city’s dining scene with a fresh set of eyes (it could also be argued that all that sunshine and Syrah made me soft in the head, but that’s another matter).

In the 2 months since my return, I’ve been thinking about how things have changed in my hometown. Some changes are promising: the growing popularity of neighborhood farmers’ markets, the opening of good, mid-priced eateries like the Ashmont Grill, Gaslight, and the Beehive.But one trend stands out above all others: The incredible trend towards trendiness. Steak is one huge trend (you can read all about it in the upcoming October issue). Cupcakes are big, too. Not a bad thing, but other desserts can also be quite tasty.

Then there’s the hamburger craze. We have Uburger in Kenmore Square, celebrating its first anniversary next month. I’m a big fan. And I also like the eco-friendly Grille Zone near B.U.. Add the newish Match Burgers & Martinis in Back Bay, which I haven’t yet tried, and the new Met Burger Bar at the Natick Collection, and that’s a fair amount of ground beef to eat.

Now, burgers are classic American fare, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a few more players to the field. But I’d also love to see, I dunno, an empanada bar opening in the South End, or an Izakaya spot in Harvard Square. Just to mix it up a bit. What would you like to see more (or less) of on the Boston dining scene?