Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

book_return.jpgAren’t people who read supposed to be smart? A woman on “Cape Cad” (it seems BostonNow’s copyeditor has been moonlighting at WHDH) got her arm stuck in a book return slot while returning some videos. Here’s a quote that will make you giggle like a second-grader:

“We were thinking about lubricating her hand to get it out,” Mike Medeiros, EMT, said. “They kind of slid some of the bracelets up her forearm, and she was able to actually pull her arm out herself.”

Hee hee. [WHDH]

Hey, Turnpike Authority, we found $1.36 million in your couch: Instead of jacking up tolls on the Pike, selling it to the highest bidder and having them jack up tolls, perhaps you could either rent or sell Parcel 7, an office building you decided not to use. Just a suggestion. [WBZ Newsradio]

Mumbles in Peru, (Not a children’s book): Mayor Thomas Menino is going on a vacation. Well, he’s actually finagled a working trip to Latin America, which other mayors turned down to work on their budgets or attend a mayor’s conference in scenic Trenton, New Jersey. We’ll buy a drink for anyone who gets a video of Hizzoner trying to articulate himself in Boston-accented Spanish and posts it on YouTube. [Globe]

We love Monet, but we also like the picture of our cat: The MFA now offers its collection as cell phone wallpaper, for $2 a download or $5 a month. No word on when the MFA will get meta and present a display of people’s cellphone wallpapers and what it says about our culture. [WBZ]

It’s all about interpretation: Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is characteristically tight-lipped about the videotaping scandal that isn’t going away, saying he spoke with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about how he interpreted the rules. Now we just wait to hear our punishment, and listen to piles of crap from our friends who root for other teams about how the mighty moral Pats have fallen. [, Basegirl]