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papers_9_12.jpgSay it ain’t so: The NFL suspects that the Patriots did cheat by recording the Jets’ defensive signals. Coach Bill Belichick will make his case to the NFL by the end of the week, then any punishment will be handed out. [Globe]

Unsafe at any weight? The Herald reports that Boston firefighters are wearing unsafe fire equipment that leaves them vulnerable to burns. The Boston Fire Department says they bought the equipment because firefighters had heart attacks in the old thicker equipment. [Herald]

Hooray for less sewage: The Boston Harbor cleanup continues, with a major sewage overflow tunnel being closed up to “virtually eliminate” sewage in the harbor. The project should be done in 2011. [Globe]

Once you build it, you have to care for it: Massachusetts’ infrastructure is awful and needs billions of dollars to repair, with state politicians calling for “bold, innovative and controversial solutions.” Sounds like a tax hike to us! [Herald]