Spanning the Web

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A nation turns its lonely eyes to you: Due the Patriots brouhaha and the upcoming visit from the Yankees, we’ve sorely missed Fitzy’s Wicked Pissa Webcasts. All this intelligent media coverage is fine, but we really need an enthusiastic “GFY” from our ol’ pal Fitzy right now. His blog hasn’t been updated since September 5, and we’re kind of afraid he may have hurt himself. Or others. [Townie News]

Now we just have to wait for Kerry Healey’s book: Steven Laffey, former mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island has written a book about getting his ass handed to him by Lincoln Chafee. The title? Primary Mistake: How the Washington Republican Establishment Lost Everything in 2006 (and Sabotaged My Senatorial Campaign). Wouldn’t Sour Grapes have fit on the cover better. []

Yes, please: We’ve always wanted to be under Tom Brady. We mean buying a condo in his building, sickos. We’d go over for some sugar all the time. That’s a metaphor for sex. [WBZ]

Sen Krry Luvs 2 Txt: Senator John Kerry wants to take Boston’s successful text-tipping program national, proposing a $5 million grant for the program. Suck it, terrorists. [Herald]

Geeks gone wild: Women at Hopkinton-based EMC allege that “women were systematically denied equal pay and forced to accompany men on company-paid strip club visits.” At least they weren’t dopeslapped. [WBZ]

Threatening to issue a dope-slap: Okay or not? Universal Hub debates. [Universal Hub]

It’s not a nut-covering: It seems that deer are the latest mammalian pests to get free birth control. College students are pissed. []