The Soul Patrol is Starting to Scare Us

Dear Members of the Soul Patrol and Fans of Chris Daughtry,

1189692008Hi. Welcome to Boston Daily. Take a look around. We think you’ll find some amusing stuff here, especially if you like pithy commentary about the MBTA, or want to laugh at Mitt Romney. Can we interest you in some Mad Fish ice cream, perhaps? We’re happy you stopped by, but we’ve got to talk.

See the thing is, you’re kind of freaking us out.

We tried to get back to the real issues yesterday, but even that post became a discussion of American Idols past. We just mentioned Taylor Hicks in passing because he was playing the Big E. We weren’t arguing Hicks’ artistic merit (or lack thereof), we just mentioned he’d be there. And you’ve left 61 comments at last check on the original post, and 23 on the follow-up. You can see why we’re a little nervous, can’t you? Our servers couldn’t take it if we said Taylor Hicks sucks, or that Chris Daughtry is a poor man’s Fuel. Which we’re not. Not at all. On account that you scare us.

It’s not that we don’t want comments. We’re well-known comment whores. But there are message boards for you to debate Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry, and American Idol in general. We feel like you’re just using us for our bandwidth, and that hurts us deep inside. We have so much more to give.

So, please, stick around for our thoughts on life in Boston and the wider world. We’ve welcomed you into our little home, the least you could do is add to us your favorites, right?

Boston Daily