Postponed Baby Postponed

1189781467It’s not always easy being one of Boston’s golden boys. Ben Affleck, Cambridge’s own serial Jennifer-dater, makes his directorial debut in next month’s Gone Baby Gone and the movie is being seen as a means for Ben to regain some of his lost cred. However, the poor boy can’t seem to catch a break.

(Shameless self-promotion: Boston magazine reevaluates Affleck’s career in our October issue. On newsstands Sept. 25.)

Sure, Ben’s married to the super-cute and super-awesome Jennifer Garner. He’s got a baby that wears Crocs, but is still adorable. His best friend is the incredibly hot Matt Damon. So what’s his problem?

Gone Baby Gone won’t make its debut at the London Film Festival as planned, due to its subject matter. The film, written by another hometown favorite, Dennis Lehane, is about a four-year-old girl who goes missing in Dorchester. England is reeling from the story of Madeleine McCann, a girl who’s been missing since May, and whose parents are the primary suspects.

The delay isn’t a total disaster for Affleck, the North American release is still slated for Oct. 19, but the sooner he starts getting good press the better. Since his stratospheric rise to fame on the heels of Good Will Hunting, Affleck followed that up by dating uber-celebrities and appearing in maudlin blockbusters. And, um, Gigli.

We hope that Gone Baby Gone is as good as advertised because we’ve always had a soft spot for him. Except for Gigli. That was no good for anyone.