The Week That Was

1189794443Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Non video-taped edition).

I spy with my little eye: The Patriots do not cover themselves in glory. They do, however, make great home movies.

Bob Kraft, a rabbi and Boston Daily walk into a temple: And unintentional comedy ensues.

Doesn’t anyone remember laughter? Apparently not fans of Taylor Hicks or Chris Daugherty who continue to both frighten and amaze us with their slavish devotion to second-rate novelty acts.


Why can’t politicians understand that 9/11 isn’t about them? Bunch of donkeys, indeed.

Rachel Baker takes New York: And brings her mom along for the ride. Or was it the other way around?


Dear Silver Line: Thank you for working. Kind of sad when we praise a public transportation line for doing what it’s supposed to do.

Ron Borges, found: And apparently writing for the Kansas City Chiefs official website. Ouch.

Charlie Moore, actor: And ice cream impresario.

Does the Globe even care about their reputation anymore: Yet more ads disguised as articles hit the Globe about the Fenway Sports group.


Mitt Romney’s campaign continues: To make fools of themselves.

Boston Skanks, coming to a newsstand near you: It would be nice if the Globe would stop making our city such an easy mark for those literary geniuses over at Gawker.


Tom Finneran will smack his b*%#h up: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Middle-aged former speakers of the house should not try to be edgy.


There is no way that man is Whitey Bulger: Because he looks just like our uncle.

Ben Affleck’s comeback temporaily delayed: But Ben will be back. In the October issue of Boston magazine.

The initial Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award winner is: Oh, c’mon. Like you have to ask?