The Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award Nominees

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve stumbled upon individuals or organizations that have had a Worse Week Than You. Last week, the MBTA had a Worse Week Than You due to the accident on the Green Line, a bus slamming into a wall, a ferry breakdown, and their need to introduce the world to some nasty ice cream.

But the genesis of this award is our very own former governor, Willard Mitt Romney, who had a Worse Week Than You thanks to the Larry Craig scandal, his predilection for foreign cars, and Slate tabbing him, “No Barry Goldwater.”

This morning, we present the nominees for the Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You award.

The nominees are:

Britney Spears
The pop tart’s bad week started on Sunday with her horrendous performance at the VMAs, and continued as the press picked her badly-weaved carcass to pieces for the rest of the week. Locally, our pop culture guru Tom Finneran threated to give her a black eye to get her back in line. (ed.note: We would have nominated Finneran for his inane comments, but then nobody listens to Finneran, so who cares?)

Mitt Romney
The namesake of this award is never very far from having a bad week. On Monday, Romney’s North End campaign headquarters was burglarized, and about $20,000 in equipment was stolen. Also on Monday, it came to light that Romney associates were responsible for a website that bashed Fred Thompson. On Tuesday, Romney’s campaign tried to play the 9/11 card, and just looked silly.

Bill Belichick
You know how this story goes. He got caught taping the Jets’ defensive signals, he got slapped with a half-million in fines and lost draft picks, and the press is beating on him.

Boston Fashion Week
Man, they’ve been covering fashion week everywhere! Oh, that’s New York Fashion Week. Right. Because they happened on the same week.

Stay tuned for the results this afternoon. Make your case for who had a Worse Week Than You in the comments section.