The Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award Winner

Mitt Romney has had some pretty terrible weeks, but there’s more than enough bad fortune to go around. Thus, Boston Daily bestows the weekly Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award to validate that you, yes you, really did have an awful week.

To recap, the nominees are:

  • Britney Spears
  • Mitt Romney
  • Bill Belichick
  • Boston Fashion Week

This week, the award goes to. . .


Bill Belichick. What? You were expecting Tom Finneran?

Really, this one wasn’t a contest. That is the face of a man who’s had a really shitty week. It started out well enough, with the Patriots blowing out the Jets in their season opener. Randy Moss made the cover of Sports Illustrated. The Patriots were comfortably still the kings of All That Is Right And Good With Sports.

Then the reports started to break. The best team in football had taped their opponent’s defensive signals. Patriots fans were shocked. They were defensive. Belichick went into “no comment” mode. And today, the punishment was meted out.

Belichick lost half a million dollars for his actions. That’s 6,671 hoodies he won’t be able to buy. Romney’s campaign only lost $20,000 in equipment. That’s like losing a few quarters in your couch.

If that weren’t enough, the media is having a field day with Belichick’s fall from grace. In today’s Herald, Peter Gelzinis gives a good dose of guilt to the coach in an article titled “Coach betrays father’s legacy”:

Would the old football strategist – who spent the bulk of his coaching life at a campus where honor was everything – have approved of his boy’s sneaky play? . . . What 33 years of coaching at the Naval Academy gave Steve Belichick were pride, great memories and a good life. He did not need a beer distributorship, or free loaner cars, or a weekly radio show. . . . What would his father have given to have all the weapons now at his son’s command? If you can’t coach such a dream team to victory, without the aid of an illegal recon camera, what kind of coach are you?

OK, it’s over the top, but even we squirmed when we read that. Now we’re afraid Steve Belichick will come from the grave to issue his son a stoic-faced beatdown. And we now feel the need to call our mothers.

So, congratulations, Coach Belichick. You have had a Worse Week Than Us.

And, um, Go Pats!