What’s Our Uncle Doing in Sicily?

1204055415Like a rare eclipse, the FBI has announced a possible James “Whitey” Bulger sighting in Sicily. And time has not been good to Whitey, if that really is him.

Here is a picture the FBI posted on its website from 1994 of the fugitive. Now, we’re not detectives, but, um, guys?

This new picture doesn’t look anything like Whitey Bulger.

Yes, thirteen years have passed since the old picture, but that wouldn’t change the fundamental facial structure of the man. This man’s forehead is wide and squat, while ’94 Whitey’s is tall and narrow. This guy had more hair on his head than Bulger did in ’94.

The difference is most pronounced in the video the FBI has of the fugitive mobster. That’s a doddering old man, not a fearsome criminal. The reaction from Boston Daily HQ has ranged from “That’s my Grandpa!” to “That’s my Uncle!”