Executive-Vampire Zeal!

James Wolcott’s blog on vanityfair.com is often brilliant, combining ridiculously flamboyant writing with bursts of blistering mean-spiritedness. Wolcott hit Fred Thompson most recently for pandering to Floridians at a gas station (apparently where real ‘Mericans hang out). But just when you think the post is all about Fancy Fred, out of the firmament comes a vicious haymaker for our former governor, who Wolcott absolutely hates (but then again, Wolcott absolutely loves modern dance, so the criticism might not hurt Mitt so much in the primaries):

“Thompson’s somewhat lackadaisical lope is a smart counterfoil to Mitt Romney’s executive-vampire zeal and glinty opportunism—maybe it takes a real fake to show up a fake fake. Thompson at least seems to be composed of organic material; Romney is pure vinyl extrerior down to the empty core.”

I would argue that vinyl exterior may be a little downscale for the Mittster, unless his Guatemalan man slaves gave him a good discount on installation, but still, it’s a fine image.