How to Lose an Election

Just when you thought Somerville had cornered the market on hilarious campaign follies, here comes Cambridge. Gregg Moree, a candidate for city council was charged last week with breaking into his wife’s home in Belmont and attacking her with an umbrella. Moree, sensing that something needed to be done before his campaign imploded, responded to the charge with the single most inept self-defense in human history, and then posted it on YouTube.

One can only assume this rambling, inarticulate speech will not undo the damage. Also, dude, I’ll let it slide that you can’t pronounce the word “accusations” (“aquisations”) or the name of Councilor Henrietta Davis (“Hurretta Davis”), but couldn’t you at least worn a button-down or something? You look like a bum in that t-shirt. [Via Cambridge Chronicle]