Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

Insert gambling metaphor here: Governor Deval Patrick confirmed that he wants to sell three licenses for casino gambling in Massachusetts. Now we wait to hear how Sal DiMasi and the legislature reacts to his plan. [,]

Guys in drag are always funny: WBZ has the raw footage of the Red Sox’s traditional hazing, including Daisuke Matsuzaka in a Teletubby costume and Jacoby Ellsbury as Little Red Riding Hood. Clay Buchholz also frets that he’s “not pretty.” Oh Clay, we’d kill for legs like yours. [WBZ]

In related news, gravity is difficult to escape: Here’s an enlightened headline: “Gas tax hike, highway user fees could prove tough political sell.” []

Check your pockets: The Turnpike Authority Board wants to delay a vote on Pike toll increases for two weeks while the Board tries to “track down cost savings first.” Why didn’t we do this sooner? []

At least one bill will decrease: While your commute may become significantly more expensive, at least your gas bill may decrease if NStar has its way. Don’t spend that $27 all in one place. [WBZ]

Keep on movin’ on: The Patriots will turn over any materials related to their secretive videotaping. Of course, Bill Belichick is still moving on. [WHDH]