The Frightening Return of Fitzy

1189707192Last week, we turned our eyes to Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, begging him to return to our computer screens with some wisdom about the Patriots videotaping scandal and its ensuing hype.

The good news? He obliged.

The bad news? It scared the hell out of us.

The video is a brilliant spoof of the widely-viewed clip “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!“, and it’s as creepy and psychotic as the original. But watching Fitzy sob without a beer in sight was even more unnerving that the dude who looks like a lady crying about Britney. There’s small comfort in the fact that at least Fitzy didn’t have streaky eyeliner.

We’ll hope for a more defiant Fitzy for his next webcast, since the Patriots silenced the critics with a trouncing of the Chargers, and since the Yankees took two of three from the Sox we were screaming and swearing into our beers, just like Billerica’s favorite (fake) son.