What’s News

Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

Our Puritan forefathers spin in their graves: Governor Deval Patrick will announce as soon as today his plans to sell three licenses for casino gambling in Massachusetts. Gambling foes promise to fight gambling1190032451, Suffolk Downs and Wonderland Park attempt to get a license, and the hype threatens to destroy the world. [Globe, Herald]

In additional revenue-generating news: The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority wants to raise tolls everywhere. What money are we supposed to gamble at these casinos if we have to spend it all on tolls to get there? [Herald]

Little Joe goes to court: Not really, but the civil trial against Zoo New England starts today. The family of a girl who was hurt when the gorilla escaped in 2003 is suing the zoo for not keeping their gorilla in his cage. [Herald]

Whoops: Massachusetts hospitals have agreed to pay for flubbed surgeries since the government and private insurance companies don’t want to pay. Of course, they could try harder to not make mistakes, then everyone would win. [Globe]

We really missed those tapes. Oh, wait: The Patriots smacked the Chargers around, without cheating. As Bill Belichick wanted, we have moved on. [Globe, Herald]