A Public Service Announcement From Boston Daily

1186693667We here at Boston Daily care deeply about our fine city. From the college student-infested valleys of Allston to the high hills of Somerville, we want to keep you safe. Therefore, we must relay this message to you.

Don’t wear Crocs. It’s for your safety.

At rail stations and shopping malls around the world, reports are popping up of people, particularly young children, getting their toes caught in escalators. The one common theme seems to be the clunky soft-soled clogs known by the name of the most popular brand, Crocs. . . .

In Singapore, a 2-year-old girl wearing rubber clogs — it’s unclear what brand — had her big toe completely ripped off in an escalator accident last year, according to local media reports.

And at the Atlanta airport, a 3-year-old boy wearing Crocs suffered a deep gash across the top of his toes in June. That was one of seven shoe entrapments at the airport since May 1, and all but two of them involved Crocs, said Roy Springer, operations manager for the company that runs the airport terminal.

Not only are the clown-shoes-meets-cheese-grater footwear ugly, but they are also dangerous. Especially to children. Perhaps buy them some nice sneakers (these are cute). Little girls love Mary Janes, since they’re easy to put on and are feminine without looking like a Bratz doll. There’s a whole world of cute out there for kids that won’t have their toes ripped apart by an escalator.

Also, those things are ugly as sin, and we won’t rest until they are out of fashion. Thank you.