They’re Not Gonna Take It

1190137210Kids these days are so cute in how they rebel against the system. They have their Facebook groups. They have their online petitions. (Their tasers). But they could learn a little something from some senior citizens in Shrewsbury who aren’t going to sit around and take it from the man.

The senior citizens got their canes up, when the Shrewsbury Housing Authority banned all outdoor furnishings at the Francis Gardens complex, citing safety concerns. And when they said outdoor furnishings, they meant everything:

The new rule bans chairs, tables, flowerpots, wind chimes, flags, mobiles, birdhouses, and similar items from porches and patios. Entryways must be clear of floor mats, throw rugs, welcome mats, wall hangings, coat racks, shelves, furniture, umbrella stands, plants, and folding grocery carts.

Wow. That gives the old folks all the ambiance of a college dorm instead of a pleasant environment to live out their golden years, doesn’t it?

But instead of shrugging and watching their stories, the old people got pissed:

“It’s not fair,” said Pat Henry, 64, who protested with 20 other residents at the complex yesterday. She wore a shirt with the slogan “Leave Me Alone” in huge letters across the front. “These things are all we’ve got, and we want to enjoy them before we go up yonder.”

H&M could charge $20 a pop for that shirt and all the hipsters would buy it. We kind of want her to be our surrogate bad-ass grandma. Not only because she has a rockin’ t-shirt, but because she’s right.

So we here at Boston Daily salute you, Pat Henry. If you need us, we’ll be making an “I Want Pat Henry To Be My Third Grandma” group on Facebook.