Hopefully Howie Hasn’t Spent His New Salary Yet

1186589133A Suffolk County Judge has ruled that WRKO has a right to match the contract WTKK offered Howie Carr in July, and that Carr was wrong to accept the new offer without first terminating his agreement with WRKO. The ruling comes the day before the popular columnist and radio host was set to premiere on 96.9. Whatever will he do?

Here’s the judge’s thinking:

The judge said Carr could have quietly met with Greater Media to discuss or negotiate his future while his WRKO agreement “was still operative.”

“What Carr could not do is what he did here: receive and accept an offer from Greater Boston Radio Inc. before his Artist’s Agreement had terminated,” the judge wrote. . . .

“For Carr to receive protection,” under the state statute, the judge wrote, “in the circumstances presented here would require this Court to ignore the fact that his Artist’s Agreement has not terminated.”

There’s no statement yet from Carr. We’ll keep you posted.