Back in the Game

1190309198The women (and some of the men) in Red Sox Nation have been left wanting—for the Sox’s inability to win baseball games in Canada, and for the declining attractiveness of our nine men. reports that perhaps our situation could improve with the return of Gabe Kapler.

Gabe Kapler retired from play last year, going on to coach the Greenville Drive, the Sox’s A league squad. But Kapler now says that he longs to play the game again:

“Managing was incredible for me this year,” Kapler said in a statement released by the Red Sox. “I learned so much about baseball, about the young men I had an opportunity to lead, and about myself. Ultimately, the experience reawakened the competitor in me. I miss the battle. I still need to be on the field as a player.”

Those of us who appreciate a man in a baseball uniform would be happy to see him back with the Sox. The 2004 World Series team had a lot of attractive baseball players. Bill Mueller. The traitorous Johnny Damon. (To think we loved him once.) Even bacchanalian Kevin Millar had his charms. But now we’re left with Mike Lowell, Jonathan Papelbon, and the young Jacoby Ellsbury to love. And while the Sox are still doing well, we miss the camaraderie Kapler fostered in the clubhouse.

Come back, Gabe. It’ll be like you never left.