Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1187012858Fenway Sports Group rubs its greedy hands together: The Globe has gotten hip to the fact that fans leave Fenway Park’s security check bands on their bags as a seal of pride. Soon, you’ll have to pay $5 for a band with a Sox logo on it and a President of Red Sox Nation ballot on the reverse side. [Globe]

Prepare for an influx of Canadians: The Canadian dollar, once the laughingstock of dollars, is now the same value as the American dollar. When the Federal Reserve cut interest rates earlier this week, it also devalued the American dollar further. []

Pay attention: Everyone’s driving like an idiot today. Just as the backup caused by a truck slamming into a sign at the Ted Williams Tunnel cleared, a truck has knocked over utility poles on Route 1 in Danvers. [WHDH, WCVB]

First day on the new job: Buddy Cianci returned to the airwaves in Providence today telling listeners to go elsewhere for negativity. Boring! [] The Phoenix, however, has a long interview with the ex-rug-wearing ex-con that’s a lot more interesting. [Phx]

First day on “time off”: Speaking of negativity, Howie Carr is taking time off from his radio show on WRKO a day after a judge ruled Carr can’t jump to the FM dial yet. Lisa Hughes also has an interview with the indentured servant. [Herald, WBZ]