Learning About Star

Being the intrepid reporters we are here at Boston Daily, upon learning that Star Simpson’s old-looking boyfriend had bailed her out of jail, we called the MIT sophomore’s cell phone immediately. You’ll be shocked to learn that after having set off a bomb scare at Logan this morning, her phone was off and her mailbox full. Undeterred, we did the next best thing: hit the interwebs.

What we found was evidence that Simpson appears to be sort of weird. According to this site, based on her MIT homepage, at some point last year she had an irreconcilable falling out with her roommate and moved out. Rather than finding a new apartment, she decided to couch surf across the MIT campus. Worth noting that if you ever need to crash on a random MIT sofa, avoid the student center. That apparently can be stressful.

At some point she posted on Reuse, an MIT version of Craigslist, an opportunity for people, in her words, “to be expressive on my head.” The results.

On the plus side, Star does seem artistically talented. These pictures are sort of groovy. We can only hope she keeps her art out of the airport next time to avoid another “hoax” media blitz.