The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (the LED-free edition).

1185807848We’re getting casinos! It’s a good thing too, so we don’t have to pay those toll hikes and road user fees. Even the daily papers are cautiously optimistic.

Hey ladies! If you haven’t got a date this weekend and you are not Asian and love smarmy Harvard men, have we got a guy for you.

Don’t tase me, bro” becomes a new generation’s Kent State. Except the whole thing may have been a prank.

Veronica Chao, current editor of the Improper Bostonian, is the future editor of the Globe’s City Weekly section.

Fitzy’s back! Parodying the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy and scaring the hell out of us.

Is Bill Belichick the new Red Auerbach? We think he just might be.

The Pope might be coming to Boston on his North American tour. We hope we can get tickets when and if they go on sale.

Is Tom Brady still in the running to become America’s Next Male Top Model? We review his work and say Giselle could still teach him a thing or two.

Stop it with the Crocs. Not only for our eyes, but for your safety.

Rebellious elderly people taught us about real activism and inspired us to create a Facebook group.

Tuesday, Wednesday, heart attack. Boston goes into its customary late-September baseball panic.

Ikea is coming to Somerville, along with it’s delicious Swedish meatballs and a traffic nightmare.

We learn to love Lola, whether we want to or not.

You mess with pizza, you mess with Boston Daily.

We have the eerie experience of agreeing with Mitt Romney.

Mayor Tom Menino rides a bike, learns that Boston sucks for bike riders, and demands changes that everyone else had wanted for a decade.

John Gonzalez picks the Pats to win this week, and reviews the media’s crush on our QB.

Stil in the Natick Collection is pretty sweet, but wait until you see the bathrooms!

Circuit boards continue their reign of terror in Boston, as college student sets off an emergency response, this time at Logan airport. We find out the girl is kind of bizarre and are not too surprised.

Slate V brings us back to our regularly-scheduled Romney-mocking.