The Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award Winner

Mitt Romney has had some pretty terrible weeks, but there’s more than enough bad fortune to go around. Thus, Boston Daily bestows the weekly Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award to validate that you, yes you, really did have an awful week.

To recap, the nominees are:

Kenneth Phillips


Boston Red Sox


And the winner is. . .

1187205916The Boston Red Sox.

Yes, yes, we know. We try to remain reasonable around here, and the Sox still technically have the division lead. But it’s not only the losses to the Jays that gave the Sox the award this week.

Bullpen favorite Hideki Okajima has been shut down “indefinitely” after his implosion during the Yankees series. Jonathan Papelbon gave up a grand slam to the Blue Jays, shaking our faith in all we know to be good and true. Manny Ramirez is still out with a sore oblique. Kevin Youkilis may not play this weekend. Rumblings about the idiocy of Terry Francona are beginning.

Like the emotionally manipulated fans we are, we’re with the team until the end. But this week in Red Sox had us reaching for the antacids and the door to our soundproof Sox panic room. Hopefully next week will bring the return of Manny, a contusion-free Youkilis, and a more comfortable division lead.

So go Sox. And we promise one of these days someone will win The Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award who isn’t affiliated with a major sports team.