Fitzy Gets His Close-Up

1189707192We here at Boston Daily love Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald. After last year’s soul-crushing loss to the Colts in the AFC Championship, Fizty accurately portrayed our break with reality in his Wicked Pissah Webcast. He’s the model of a Boston sports fan; he’s knowledgeable and logical, but that all goes out the window when the Patriots or Sox break his heart.

And now, we’ll be seeing much more of Fitzy, now on ESPN video.


Believe it or not, the worldwide leader in sports (ESPN) has hired the worldwide leader in nonsense (ME) to follow Monday Night Football around the country, making short videos in every city we visit. And before you ask, YES, the job is as fun as it sounds…and no, I don’t know what they were thinking.

This explains why there were so few Wicked Pissah Webcasts during the Sox’s free-fall and the Patriots taping brouhaha and ensuing awesomeness.

While the profanity is reigned in, Fitzy’s still very much himself, whether he’s putting out an APB for the Saints’ offense or looking for enthusiastic football fans in Philadelphia. We can only hope he gets to personally greet his man crush, Tom f’ing Brady, when he comes to Foxborough.