Our First Glimpse at Perfection

1188402138Reports claim that we’ll soon have our first glimpse at the second coming of Brady. John Edward Thomas Moynahan is set to make his debut on the cover of OK! magazine tomorrow. A cover boy, just like his daddy. Aww.

According to the Boston Globe, John Edward Thomas Moynahan will be on the cover of OK! Magazine, when the next issue hits newsstands Wednesday.

It’s not clear if his mother, actress Bridget Moynahan, was paid for the reported photo shoot.

Hey, even if you’ve got royalties coming from Sex and the City, college is still expensive. Unless, of course, John Edward gets a scholarship because he’s awesome at football like his father. We’ve already got him on our fantasy team in 2029.

We’ll find a copy of OK! and let you know if the baby is as cute as his parents tomorrow. It’s all in the name of journalism, folks.