Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1185893896Reminiscing about summer: It’s freakishly warm outside today, and a manhole cover came loose and hit a car in Roxbury. It’s as if summer never ended. [WHDH]

There are never enough burritos: Or are there? Universal Hub debates exactly how many burrito joints in Harvard Square is too many, and if a Thai burrito is a crime against nature. [Universal Hub]

Who knew encryption technology had to be updated? The answer seems to be everyone but TJX, the discount chain giant that experienced a major theft of its customer data last year. Canadian investigators determined the company “collected too much personal information, kept it too long and relied on weak encryption technology to protect it.” [WBZ]

Randy Moss + Guaranteed Post-Season Baseball: Equals a way to get through the last few games of the regular season with fewer ulcers. [papel-blog]

You’d better not be blogging with your pitching arm: Curt Schilling takes some time to inform us of who he voted for in the Sporting News Players Choice awards, and that he’s happy the Sox clinched a playoff berth. Schilling pitches tonight against the A’s. [38pitches]

Now that is a hoax device: A mall in Manchester, New Hampshire was evacuated after a bank robber left behind a box with lights he said was a bomb. Somewhere, Star Simpson is pissed. []