“Come on Home, Baby”

We mentioned last week that the Globe had, somewhat weirdly, hired outgoing Improper Bostonian editress Veronica Chao to helm the City Weekly section. In doing so, we also referenced the enduring crush the Weekly Dig’s sadistic Media Farm column has had on her for a year or so.

Well, the Farm has had time to digest the news, and it delivers the goods in today’s Dig, first claiming unconvincingly that it’s totally over her, and then finally breaking down and emptying all the love-bile from its tiny black heart onto Chao’s party shoes.

It’s not online yet, annoyingly, so you’ll have to go outside and pick up a copy. It’s worth it. Here’s a sample:

“We’d pace impatiently in front of those big blue newsboxes every other week, fretting away the seconds until we could gaze again upon her stunning visage, and sop up the journalistic pearls she’d dribble our way. ‘Sincerely, Veronica Chao.’ Even now, the phrase sends a crippling, albeit reluctant, shudder through our loins.”

UPDATE: It’s been posted.