Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1190835415It’s all fun and games if there’s no blinking lights: MIT students have some fun with John Harvard. Put that on a sweatshirt for career day and you will go far, geeks. [Bostonist]

Just goes to show that endless complaining gets you everywhere: Sophie Currier, a Brookline mother who asked for more time to pump her breasts during a medical licensing exam, won her appeal and will have time to pump in addition to the extra time she received to compensate for her ADHD. We feel for the woman, but we’re sick of hearing about her boobs. [WBZ]

And we thought the shirtless scoliosis test was traumatic: Students in West Warwick, Rhode Island will face body mass index tests at school. The school hopes to promote healthy lifestyles, but with parents able to opt their kids out of the program, the whole thing might be a wash. [WHDH]

Little Joe, big money: The girl who was attacked by the gorilla that escaped the Franklin Park Zoo will receive $175,000 in damages. The jury also ruled the zoo was not negligent in the ape’s escape. []

Sucker born every minute: Universal Hub commenters take a local blogger to task for scolding people at South Station for not giving money to a guy who was asking for it. Dude, the world already has a Bono. Write about crappy T service like the rest of us. [Universal Hub]

Jonathan Papelbon for President: Sepia tones say presidential. Or give a case of the giggles. [papel-blog, Basegirl]