What I Did On Mitt Romney’s Bus

1187720346Our seventh-grade civics teacher always taught us that democracy was its own reward. We the people could form a more perfect union by voting, exercising our rights, and dealing with an ever-increasing amount of hype every four years. Sadly, we must have missed the lecture about having more sweepstakes than Publisher’s Clearinghouse. Fortunately, our man Mitt Romney didn’t.

We reported on his contest to create the next Romney television spot using Jumpcut. Now that that particular contest is over (you can still vote for the one New Hampshire and Iowa will see nonstop for the next few weeks at Mitt’s website), Romney’s going old-school. Our friends at Bostonist report that the Romney campaign now has an essay contest. Three winners will experience a day of traveling with the Romney campaign and watching Mitt kiss babies for twelve hours. Fun!

While we may not have Slate’s video prowess to have entered the video contest, we pride ourselves on the power of our words. Here is our humble 100-word essay about why we’d like to travel with Mitt Romney:

We want to hit the road with Mitt Romney because we love road trips to boring places. Iowa? Boring. Though it is home of the World’s Largest Truck Stop. New Hampshire? It’s just a playground for the Bostonians he left behind. Florida has Disney World, but that’s just creepy once you’re an adult. We can also offer a mean road trip mix CD for the Mitt Mobile. We would also wash the car windows whenever we had to stop for gas. We hope our skills as a road trip companion outweigh the fact that we snore when we nap.

We’d bring us.