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Tourist hell: We don’t wish tourists any harm, and we certainly love their discretionary income being spent in our lovely shops. But the idea of flames shooting out of manhole covers in the North End, sending them screaming away from their cannoli and clearing the narrow sidewalks for once makes us kind of happy. [Globe]

See ya, Mila: Bostonist laments the loss of Mila, a Bostonian who was eliminated on last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. We won’t miss her because her perpetually sunny outlook on everything from her elimination to cancer patients losing their hair (…seriously) bothered us. [Bostonist]

Clinch time? Red at Surviving Grady warns that no one but his mother should call him tonight after 7:05. A Sox win paired with a Yankees loss would guarantee the division championship to the Sox. [Surviving Grady]