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1190896390Horse races are healing: State Supreme Court Justice Ernest Murphy has been coping with his post-traumatic stress disorder by gambling at a horse track in Saratoga Springs. We’re just disappointed he didn’t spend his taxpayer-paid salary at Massachusetts’ horse tracks. [Herald]

Second thoughts: Some lawmakers who supported casino gambling in the past are hesitant to endorse a casino in Boston, saying the social ills and harm a resort casino would do to Boston’s existing tourism outweigh the financial benefits. [Globe]

But they might be too late: Wonderland racetrack owner Charles Sarkis met with officials from Foxwoods to discuss bidding one of the three casino licenses to expand the existing Wonderland facility. [Herald]

The British still hate America: KeySpan was recently bought by the British company National Grid, and the new parent company requires that workers can’t have stickers on their hard hats or trucks. The company says the sticker removal is a safety measure, but some workers have refused to take off their American flag stickers. [Globe]

Do you believe in magic? The magic number is down to two. [Globe, Herald]