An Offer to the Celtics from Boston Daily

Dear Boston Celtics,

1190922388We read the story about your quest to find a season sponsor in yesterday’s Globe with great interest. You’ve taken a page from the playbook of the Detroit Pistons and want a company to splash its logo all over everything to do with your team, from the tickets to the office letterhead.

We think we could be that sponsor, Celtics.

You see, we know what it’s like to be in transition. Your fans are psyched for a new season, and our fans (both of them) are psyched for Boston Daily. Together, we could create buzz for both our organizations.

Think how nice it would sound, too. “Boston Daily presents the Boston Celtics.” It reflects an intense pride in the city we share. Dunkin Donuts already sponsors just about everything in New England (and it already has its own sports arena). Once Massachusetts has casinos of its own, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods will leave you high and dry. Dick’s Sporting Goods seems logical, but that chain is based in Pittsburgh, and while we miss the Condors, Steel City ain’t exactly a hoops town.

So give us a call. We can’t offer the millions of dollars that you want for the sponsorship, but we might be able to pass the hat around the Boston Daily offices and come up with a C-note.

We anxiously await your decision.

Boston Daily