The Week That Was

1190901009Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Jason Feifer edition).

It was a busy week for our man, Feifer: First, he rocked a Bentley, then he observed a woman in a bathtub of rose petals, and finally he delivered the best traffic-update this side of Frankie Foxx.

Baby Brady gets his first cover: Or Baby Moynahan, whichever you prefer.

Charity starts at first base: Kevin Youkilis on helping kids, Moneyball and the Yankees weird obsession with throwing baseballs near his head.


Jose Offerman’s odd swing-and-miss defense: Makes perfect sense to Sox fans.

It’s the apocalypse: Fitzy is on ESPN.

I triple-dog dare you to run over your car with a steamroller: This is why we love/hate college kids.


Rock Star Mama: More than you probably needed to know, but oddly informative.


Mitt’s got a new contest: Somehow this will probably lack the intrigue of The Boys on the Bus.

Best. CD. Packaging. Ever: From our new favorite obsession.


And they wonder why people don’t watch the news anymore: Ick.

The Brady/Moynahan kid isn’t the only cover boy this week: “On the mound with the ball in his hand and the game on the line, he is pure rage.” That’s our Paps.


Dear Celtics, we’ve got an offer for you: We’re still waiting…

No casinos for you: Until after Christmas at the earliest.