“I’m Here to Blow Things Up.”

1191248323There are a lot of strange people in the world. And it seems that most of them fly from Logan.

Two weeks ago, it was Star Simpson and her art project. Today, it was Asfaw Ermiyas and his declaration that he is with Al Qaeda and was at the airport to, “blow things up.”

From Boston.com:

Asfaw Ermiyas, 27, was in Terminal C this morning to board an AirTran flight when a security official noticed a sticker from Dubai on his bag. . . Following protocols, the security worker asked Ermiyas if he had been to Dubai, which is a part of the United Arab Emirates, Orlandella said.

“No,” Ermiyas said, according to Orlandella. “I’m Al Qaeda. I’m with them. I’m here to blow things up.”

Ermiyas didn’t have a bomb with him, but will be charged with making a bomb threat. Happy Monday, air travelers.