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We’ve got a doctor’s appointment today: Prepare your best “get out of work early” excuses and make your way to City Hall Plaza to celebrate the Sox’s division win with music from the Dropkick Murphys and the Standells, along with appearances by Mayor Tom Menino, Terry Francona, and maybe some players. [Herald]

Their dollars and their berries are strong: Maine blueberry growers fear competition from Quebec, as rising temperatures in Canada make it a more reliable place to grow berries. Well, if it’s warmer in Quebec, it’s warmer in Maine. If global warming keeps up, Maine can be known for its bananas. [Globe]

He;s still got it: Bill Clinton was in Lowell yesterday to support Congressional candidate Niki Tsongas, though it took him a while to get there due to plane delays. We’d wait for Bill Clinton forever—he’s so dreamy. [Herald]

A new job and a slew of cold calls: Secretary of State William Galvin is suing Morgan Stanley for going through resumes posted on CareerBuilder.com and cold-calling job hunters to try and sell them mortgages. [Globe]