Caring is Daring

1191338438Remember the Guardian Angels? They’re still here, apparently. According to a recruiting poster we found, the Angels are not only staying, they’re expanding. If only someone would start a Grammar chapter of the Angels.

1191338783From the flier at the Espresso Royale Cafe on Gainsborough St: (click thumbnail for the full ad):

We are still a fledgling chapter. So many things involved in starting a new chapter what you saw on the news was only the beginning for us here in Boston a ruff one at that!

We all hate when the going gets ruff. (Quick question: Just how many over-caffeinated hipsters will be signing up for that smashing red beret?)

Why should you be a Guardian Angel?

What you get back is the knowledge that you have done something positive to help and give back to others and your community, but you will also gain skills in handling mediation , gain experience in dealing with a great deal of public interactions. . . You will gain experience in free certified martial arts from many disciplines and be a part of an organization that has worldwide coverage. . . join us, dare to care, make a difference help us grow!

Well then. With an argument so fragmented and sic-able, how can we say no?