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1191328221The reformation: Governor Deval Patrick is considering widespread reform of the state’s transportation agencies. Instead of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, the Mass Highway Department, and the MBTA, Patrick would create one “super transportation agency.” Fancy. [Herald]

Play nice, geeks: MIT nags its prank-playing student body to remind them that their “hacks” cannot cause a public disturbance or harm to others. In other words, stop dropping explosive sodium into the Charles and wearing art projects to the airport. [Globe]

Because your job prospects may be dimming: Governor Patrick’s $1 billion life sciences package may face a difficult battle from the House. Speaker Sal DiMasi has a list of other industries that could use the plum tax breaks, grants, and subsidies the life sciences field would get under Patrick’s initiative. [Herald]

Mystery: A National Guard soldier from Quincy was found dead from a single gunshot would to the head on a secure base in Afghanistan. Her family believes Ciara Durkin was killed by a fellow soldier, and that she did not commit suicide. [Globe]